Thursday, 12 March 2015

Metallic Eye Make-up

I recently noticed that the metallic eye make-up is everywhere, in magazines and on makeup websites. states Gold, silvers, copper, bronze provide the prefect palette for many beauty looks this winter. I decided I would wear the metallic eye make-up to a work conference and posted step by step on how I achieved this look.

Step 1: I used Naked 2 palette shade blackout (£38 from Debenhams), to cover the whole eye lid area and extending the shade outwards.

Step 2: I used Rimmel London eye shadow shade 103 Back Stage (£1 from the local Pound store), in the middle of my eyelid and blended it with the black.

Step 3: Then I used Rimmel shade 034 (again £1 from the local pound store) to put into the crease and the bottom of the lid blending with the other eye shadow shades.

Step 4: Finally I added a thin liquid eyeliner against the lash line (Sleek black eyeliner £4.49 from the local drug store). I put my foundation on after I have done my eye make-up as this corrects any smudges, making my make-up look fresher. I used Nivea mousse in shade 05 Apricot (£5.95 from Amazon) to conceal red patches and my under eye area. Then I applied Dolce & Gabbana foundation in shade 140 Soft Sand (£27.99

To see how I put on my semi individual eyelashes check out the link.


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