Monday, 7 December 2015

How to sew clips on strips of hair extensions

The ready to use clip on hair extensions can be very costly. I like to cut my own strips and sew clips on myself. Not only do I save money this way but I have full flexibility on how long I want the pieces and how many clips I like to use.  I have used hair extensions for many years now. Even when my hair was long I would use strips of hair extensions to make my hair thicker and fuller. Keep reading if you would like to see how I sew clips on strips of hair extensions.

First I went to buy the things I need (see the list below). I actually paid twice as much for my hair extensions at a local shop. When I searched the brand I bought I realised I had been over charged. Now I know the colour and brand I like I will in the future buy this off the brand website. If I change my hair colour I might even go to the shop and match the hair colour and buy this off the EI hair extensions website.

Stage 1
List of things I needed
2) Hair clips (2 x 12 clips £10.70)
3) Thread (can be bought from most shops)
4) Sewing needle (can be bought from most shops)
5) Scissor (can be bought from most shops)

Stage 2
I then cut the hair extensions in strips, using two layers. I placed the bright blonde on the top layer.

I cut using the scissor 5 strips in total measuring the differ areas of my head.

Stage 3
I sewed the top of the strips to keep the two layers together. And then I sewed the clips onto the top of the hair extensions, I made sure the clips were facing down as I prefer them this way. I used two clips for pieces 1, 2 and 5. I used four clips for pieces 2 and 3.

Stage 4
Finally I clip them in and instantly feel fabulous. It is amazing how lovely how having longer thicker hair makes me feel. Mmmm now just to find something to wear :) 

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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! I would love to try this, but gosh, I don't know if I'm that patient when it comes to sewing lol