Sunday, 8 January 2017

New years resolutions part 2- Home improvements

As part of my new year resolutions, I wanted to have home improvements done on my house. I had a list of all the home improvements I want and put them in order of priory coming up with the top two for this year.

Firstly, I want to get a new designed fitted bathroom. I am currently looking around to gets ideas. It is difficult to get one idea in mind, as it needs to be modern now but not be very unfashionable in a few years. I was looking at a number of different bath room styles and the decision whether or not to have both a bath and a shower is boggling my mind. I will keep looking around and will aim to have this completed before the summer. 

Also, as part of my plan for home improvement I want to improve my current makeup beauty room. I have in mind white furniture with lots of mirrors. I have chosen my furniture and cannot  wait putting my new room together. I think that I will decorate my room first so hope to get this done nearing the end of this year.

What's your plans for this year?

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